Not satisfied with your current job? Low pay? Bad work environment? Don't have the qualifications you need? Do you want to work and make a fair living? Do you want a fresh start in the professions of the future?

You are at the centre of our story. With an individual approach, our goal is to enable everyone to find the best possible version of themselves. To create a good life and career with our education in new occupations.

FREE education for the professions of the future!

- no experience required

- you don't have to be an electrician, electrical technician. We offer the possibility of education and retraining for installers of solar panels. We accept participants of all professions.

- if you are an electrician or electrical technician, we provide specialist training for top incomes

- knowledge of the German language is not a requirement

- guaranteed job in Austria or Europe after completing the course

- a safe and well-paid job

- stimulating work environment

- development and advancement

- an international career according to your wishes

- a unique system of education in our area

- education in small groups

- the most modern equipped cabinets and laboratories

- we follow your development and career

- without risk to the participant


Our academy was founded with the aim of providing top-notch training and creating specialists who will successfully fit into new development projects within the Group. Technologies of renewable energy sources are increasingly present and require knowledge and expertise that cannot be acquired in the classical education system. For this reason, we decided to invest in a top-class specialized educational center, which will provide its students with modern and high-quality education.

In cooperation with experts from the German institute, we have developed educational programs that are aimed at the student and his affinities. We have adapted our specialist programs to different levels of prior knowledge so that all participants have equal opportunities for success.

Our lecturers are experts from various fields, who in cooperation with the participants will direct and model the educational process and enable them to gain theoretical and practical experience in work and real situations. We continuously monitor the progress and development of our students and ensure the best possible career through lifelong learning.

We believe that education is the key to success in any field, therefore we have decided to make all our services and training completely free for new participants. Everyone is invited to join us and become part of Conversio Academy - your partner for a secure future.



Conversio Academy | Conversio Sinnergie d.o.o.
Vrbani 15 | 10 000 Zagreb | Hrvatska


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