Conversio Academy is a top specialized educational center for those who want to be part of the future, which will train you for new occupations, which did not exist until a few years ago.

Become: (*)
- installer of solar panels (no experience required)
- electrician: electrical specialist for the execution and connection of solar systems (completed secondary electrical school, experience is an advantage)
- electrician: wall box electric charger installer (completed secondary electrical school, experience is an advantage)

The world is changing faster than ever. New technologies are shaping our future. They create new opportunities and new challenges. What used to be the rule no longer makes sense today. But every change is also a great opportunity – human must adapt. Choose and learn wisely. Accept new challenges and seize the opportunity. Ensure a good life and career. One of the new technologies that is already here: green energy sources (sun, wind, geo...).

Did you know that the number of installed solar panels almost doubles every year?
Here's your chance!

Conversio Academy is part of the leading Austrian group Conversio group GmbH (link: with an international reputation, which consists of over thirty successful companies in the field of green energy.
Upon completion of your studies at our centre, you will find a secure, well-paid job in one of the companies in the group. The possibility of advancement and personal development according to your wishes.

It doesn't matter what you've done before, or what experience you have, it's important that you want more, that you want to be highly paid for every job well done.
Take the opportunity, contact us!

Our service and training are completely FREE for you.


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